NOBUAKI FURUYA, 179 WORKS 1979 > 2013

Nobuaki Furuya, Professor at Waseda University in Tokyo, is one of Japanese leading architects. This monograph records his whole 179 works including un-built projects chronologically from 1979 to the present. It represents his ideas and thoughts about architecture and our society by tracing his practice as an architect. Photographs: 338, Sketch and drawings: 181.

Author: Nobuaki Furuya
Publisher: ArchiMediaSystem
Date Published: May, 2014
ISBN: 978-4-907045-12-8
Paperback: 252 pages
Product Dimensions: 249 mm x 278 mm
Language: English/Japanese
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Endorsements by Yoshio TANIGUCHI (Architect)
Not only is there a keen critical sense in all of Mr. Furuya's architectural work, but beyond that, there is something relaxing to the spirit. It is undoubtedly owing to his personal character that, even though the designs are blessed with refinement, there is nothing unapproachable about his buildings. This is well expressed in his own words: 'Through imagining different localities, different lifestyles, and different ways of thinking as fully as possible, the ideas of an architect emerge.'

Selected works and projects featured:
1990 House at Kogajo
1992 Villa Sasaki
1994 Amakusa Visitor Center
1996 Anpanman Museum
1995 Sendai Mediatheque
1996 Hyper Spiral Project
1998 Poem & Fairy tale Gallery
1998 Aizu Memorial Museum, Waseda University Baumhaus
2001 Zig House / Zag House
2002 Kondo Hospital & Hospice
2002 Il Casetto Building
2002 Forest House / Weekend House at Shui-Guan
2003 Daita Apartments
2005 Chino Cultural Complex
2005 UNABO
2007 Meg Building
2007 House at Anan / Sundial House in a Vally
2009 Doctor T's house
2009 O-An
2009 Sakurayama Elementary School, Takasaki
2009 Obuse Community Library / Machitosho Terrasaw
2009 Campus Café, Waseda University
2010 Nouvelle Akabanedai Residential Block
2010 LUPICIA Kyoto Teramachi-Sanjo Store
2011 Kumamoto City Medical Doctor's Association & Nursing School
2011 Jissen-Gakuen Junior & Senior High School
2012 Nakagawara Nursery
2012 LUPICA Shiga Factory
2012 Tree House Yu-An
2013 Kahoku Elementary School
2013 Lupicia Saint-Germain des Prés Store in Pairs
2015 Kitakata City Hall Proposal

Nobuaki FURUYA, Architect
 1955.2.20 Born in Japan
1973 Graduated from Aoyama Senior High School, Tokyo
1978 Graduated from the Department of Architecture, Waseda University
1980 Received M.Arch. the Graduate School of Architecture, Waseda University. The Azusa Ono Prize, Waseda University
1980-1983 Assistant at Prof. Nobuo Hozumi Laboratory, Waseda University
1983-1986 Assistant at Waseda University, Tokyo
1986-1990 Lecturer at Kinki University, Hiroshima
1986-1987 Won the Japanese Government Oversea Study Program for Artists, and worked at Studio Mario Botta in Lugano, Switzerland
1990-1994 Associate professor at Kinki University
1991 The 8th.Yoshioka Award:《House at Kogajo》
1994-1997 Associate professor at Waseda University
1994- Established NASCA
1997- Professor at Waseda University
1999 Japan Institute of Architects (JIA) Award for Young Architect: "Poem & Marchen Gallery"
2000 Annual Award of the Architectural Institute of Japan: "Yanase Takashi Memorial Museum"
2001- Member of UNESCO-UIA Validation Council for Architectural Education
2002 Annual Award of the Architectural Institute of Japan: "Aizu Yaichi Memorial Museum, Waseda University"
2002-2011 Visiting Professor at the School of Architecture of Kyung Hee University, Korea
2003 Annual Award of the Architectural Institute of Japan: "ZIG House/ZAG House"
2003-2005 Vice President of Japan Institute of Architect (JIA) 2003-2005
2004-2005 Deputy Chairman of the Architect's Regional Council of Asia (ARCASIA)
2004 Annual Award of the Architectural Institute of Japan: "Kondo Hospital"
2004- Lecturer at the Graduate School of Japan Women's University
2006-2012 Chief of JOB Scientific task unit for the UIA 24th. World Congress of Architecture
2007 Architectural Institute of Japan Award: "Chino Cultural Complex", Annual Award of the Architectural Institute of Japan: "Chino Cultural Complex", Japan Institute of Architects (JIA) Award: "Chino Cultural Complex", BCS Award: "Chino Cultural Complex"
2008-2011 Chairman of Scientific Committee of the UIA 24th. World Congress of Architecture
2011 Annual Award of the Architectural Institute of Japan: "Sakurayama Elementary School", The Japan Art Academy Prize: "Chino Cultural Complex", The Okuma Memorial Prize, Waseda University: "Chino Cultural Complex"
2012 Annual Award of the Architectural Institute of Japan: "Obuse Community Library", Architectural Award of the Japan Library Association: "Obuse Community Library", Japan Association of Artists, Craftsmen and Architects( AACA) Award: "Obuse Community Library"
2013-2015 Vice President of the Architectural Institute of Japan
2014 Japan Institute of Architects (JIA) Grand Prix: "Freedom Learning Manor House, Jissen Gakuen Junior & Senior High School", Annual Award of the Architectural Institute of Japan: "Freedom Learning Manor House, Jissen Gakuen Junior & Senior High School"